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Program - Monday, June 10, 2019

9:00 Original use of MUSE's LTAO to directly image young accreting exoplanets Julien Girard
9:20 The METIS high contrast imaging modes: concept, performance, and perspectives Olivier Absil
9:40 An Overview of the TMT Planetary Systems Imager Michael Fitzgerald
10:00 Thermal Imaging and Characterization of Rocky Earth-size Habitable Zone Planets in the Solar Neighborhood with TMT Christian Marois
10:20 ELT-HIRES, the high resolution spectrograph for the ELT and its unique AO-assisted IFU capability Alessandro Marconi
10:40 Coffee break
11:10 *Keynote presentation* Adaptive Optics Program at TMT Corinne Boyer
11:50 MAVIS, Multi-Conjugate in the visible for the VLT Francois Rigaut
12:10 Ongoing and future AO projects at Subaru Yoshito Ono
12:30 Lunch
14:00 C--More : the laser guide star wavefront sensor Jean-Luc Gach
14:20 A new wavefront sensor for Keck: Pyramid wavefront sensing in the near infrared Charlotte Bond
14:40 Modal gain optimization of the Pyramid Wave-Front Sensor using a convolutive model: from theory to experimental validation Vincent Chambouleyron
15:00 The Teledyne e2v CIS124 LVSM sensor for large telescopes- design and prototype tests Paul Jorden
15:20 Pupil plane wavefront sensing for extended & 3D sources Roberto Ragazzoni
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 HARMONI at the diffraction limit: From Single Conjugate to Laser Tomography Adaptive Optics Benoit Neichel
16:20 NFIRAOS AO Calibration Plan Jean-Pierre Veran
16:40 Adaptive optics design status of MAORY, the MCAO system of European ELT Lorenzo Busoni
17:00 NFIRAOS Pre-Production Optical Design Update Jenny Atwood
17:20 ELT Wavefront Control strategy Henri Bonnet
17:40 Single Conjugate Adaptive Optics for METIS Thomas Bertram
18:00 Poster session

Poster session


  • POSTER-SYS-019: Error Budget for the Keck Adaptive Optics Systems (Sam Ragland)
  • POSTER-SYS-020: Predicting the Performance of the Extreme-AO Instrument VLT/SPHERE via Machine Learning (Benjamin Courtney-Barrer)
  • POSTER-SYS-021: Stabilizing Plate Scale versus Point Source Sensitivity for MCAO (Glen Herriot)
  • POSTER-SYS-022: Performances of the phasing sensors for the M4 adaptive unit (Runa Briguglio)
  • POSTER-SYS-023: The Single Laser Adaptive Optics system for the METIS (Remko Stuik)
  • POSTER-SYS-024: Relocate Gemini Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics System from Chile to Hawaii: A feasibility study (Emmanuel Chirre)
  • POSTER-SYS-025: Sodium layer density anisotropies as a reference for tip-tilt measurement in laser guide stars (Luis Fernando Rodriguez Ramos)
  • POSTER-SYS-027: AO Performance modelling and error budget development for GIRMOS (Kate Jackson)
  • POSTER-SYS-028: Co-phasing a Large Array of Segmented Lasers via Interferometry and Coherent Beam Combination Methods (Eric Mitchell)
  • POSTER-SYS-029: On the feasibility of using a laser guide star adaptive optics system in the daytime (Ryan Dungee)
  • POSTER-SYS-030: A common RTC architecture for Gemini Observatory AO systems (Paul Hirst)
  • POSTER-SYS-031: ULTIMATE-Subaru: GLAO conceptual design and project status (Yosuke Minowa)
  • POSTER-SYS-032: MICADO-MAORY SCAO RTC system prototyping: assessing the real-time capability of GPU (Florian Ferreira)
  • POSTER-SYS-033: Ingot wavefront sensor: simulation of the pupil images (Valentina Viotto)
  • POSTER-SYS-034: MICADO MAORY SCAO: preliminary design, development plan and calibration strategies (Yann Clénet)
  • POSTER-SYS-035: Vibration modeling using LBTO telemetry data (Pedro Escarate)
  • POSTER-SYS-036: The COSMIC real-time control platform (Damien Gratadour)
  • POSTER-SYS-038: Design and performances of HARMONI LTAO NGS module (Lisa Bardou)
  • POSTER-SYS-039: High Performance Processor design for the HARMONI AO RTCS Supervisor system (Sofia Dimoudi)
  • POSTER-SYS-040: Sky coverage assessment for MAORY (Cedric Plantet)
  • POSTER-SYS-041: MAORY: optical configuration and expected optical performances (Demetrio Magrin)
  • POSTER-SYS-043: OOMAO: Object-Oriented Matlab Adaptive Optics Simulator (Carlos Correia)
  • POSTER-SYS-070: Acquisition with NFIRAOS and IRIS on TMT (David Andersen)


  • POSTER-PATH-079: Keck All Sky Precision Adaptive Optics (Jason Chin)
  • POSTER-PATH-080: Gemini Infrared Multi-Object Spectrograph Overview: A Pathfinder for an Early-Light TMT Instrument (Suresh Sivanandam)
  • POSTER-PATH-081: The MMT Adaptive optics exoPlanet characterization System (MAPS) (Philip Hinz)
  • POSTER-PATH-083: The Planetary Systems Instrument: Overview of the Instrument Architecture and Opto-Mechanical Design of the Red Arm, aka SCALES (Deno Stelter)
  • POSTER-PATH-084: The Fast Atmospheric Self-Coherent Camera Technique: Laboratory Results and Future Directions (Bejamin Gerard)
  • POSTER-PATH-085: Testing a new adaptive secondary mirror at the University of Hawaii 2.2-meter telescop (Mark Chun)
  • POSTER-PATH-086: XAO-assisted coronagraphy with SHARK-NIR: from simulations to laboratory tests (Elena Carolo)
  • POSTER-PATH-087: SHARK-NIR moving toward the end of the construction phase (Jacopo Farinato)
  • POSTER-PATH-088: SHARK-VIS: the high-contrast imager in the visible for LBT (Fernando Pedichini)
  • POSTER-PATH-090: The Keck Fiber Injection Unit: A new avenue to spectrally characterize exoplanets (Jacques-Robert Delorme)
  • POSTER-PATH-092: Visible adaptive optics challenges for the new THEMIS solar facility (Maud Langlois)
  • POSTER-PATH-093: Lessons learned from the Optomechanical Design of TMT NFIRAOS Subsystems at INO (Olivier Martin)


  • POSTER-SCI-118: Astrometry of resolved stellar populations with MICADO@ELT (Davide Massari)
  • POSTER-SCI-119: GRAAL+HAWK-I photometric and astrometric performance (Pascale Hibon)
  • POSTER-SCI-120: Performance and Constraints of the Deformable Secondary Mirror in AO modes under wind conditions (Pascale Hibon)
  • POSTER-SCI-121: Upgrade of the Laser Traffic Control Software for future collision predictions (Philippe R.M. Duhoux)
  • POSTER-SCI-122: Characterization of QSO host galaxies and environments with AO imaging in the ELT era (Simona Paiano)
  • POSTER-SCI-123: The MAORY Science Operation activities (Carmelo Arcidiacono)
  • POSTER-SCI-124: MODHIS: a multi-object diffraction-limited high-resolution infrared spectrograph for TMT (Dimitri Mawet)
  • POSTER-SCI-125: Exoplanet detection with the SCAO mode of MAORY-MICADO: preliminary results from end-to-end simulations (Daniele Vassallo)
  • POSTER-SCI-127: MICADO Lyot coronagraph performance study (Elsa Huby)
  • POSTER-SCI-128: Enhanced Resolution Imager and Spectrograph, comparing the improvements in science with respect to NACO and SINFONI (Angela Cortes)
  • POSTER-SCI-129: High-Contrast Imaging with METIS: how deep can we go? (Christian Delacroix)
  • POSTER-SCI-130: Enhanced Seeing Mode at the LBT:  A Method to Significantly Improve Angular Resolution over a 4'x4' Field of View (Barry Rothberg)
  • POSTER-SCI-131: Characterizing Extrasolar Planetary Systems in Polarized Light with TMT-PSI (Maxwell Millar-Blanchaer)
  • POSTER-SCI-133: Capabilities of a fibered imager on an extremely large telescope (Sebastien Vievard)
  • POSTER-SCI-134: Finding Another Earth In The Alpha Centauri System With TIKI: Simulation (Célia Blain)
  • POSTER-SCI-135: Deep observations with an ELT in the Global Multi Conjugated Adaptive Optics perspective (Elisa Portaluri)
  • POSTER-SCI-136: The ELT/HARMONI Science Simulations HSIM (Laurence Routledge)
  • POSTER-SCI-137: NIRPS: a stepping stone for AO-fed high-resolution spectroscopy on ELTs (Etienne Artigau)


  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-185: Development of the Three Sided Pyramid Wavefront Sensor (Lauren Schatz)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-187: How does the position of the telescope spider affect closed-loop adaptive optics performance with a pyramid wavefront sensor? (Byron Engler)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-188: Theory and Design of a Hybrid Wave-front Sensor for Adaptive Optics (Charlotte E. Guthery)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-189: In depth analysis of Fourier-based wavefront sensors with the adaptive optics testbed LOOPS (Pierre Janin-Potiron)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-190: Designing, Building, and Testing of a Hybrid Wavefront Sensor for Adaptive Optics (Ryan Hamilton)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-191: Theoretical Analysis of a Polychromatic Rayleigh Laser Guide Star (Lennon Reinhart)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-192: Analysis of the Island Effect for MICADO MAORY SCAO mode (Arielle Bertrou-Cantou)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-193: New developments of near infrared eAPD technology for wavefront sensing at ground based telescopes, on-sky performance verification with GRAVITY and the potential of eAPDs for improving the sensitivity of large format science arrays and for deployment in space (Gert Finger)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-194: Demonstration on the co-phasing of optical multi-aperture telescope with dispersed Hartmann sensor (Pang Li)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-195: Performance of a commercial camera with the SAPHIRA near-infrared APD array: evaluation of performance and identification of a source of noise (Robert Johnson)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-196: The non-modulation pyramid wavefront sensor used in the closed-loop adaptive optics system (Shengqian Wang)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-197: Infrared tip-tilt sensing: on-sky experience, lessons learned and unsolved problems (Marcos van Dam)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-198: SAPHIR (Sensor Achromatic Pyramid HIgh-Resolution): a new concept of reflective pyramidal wavefront sensor free from chromatic aberrations (PFanny Chemla)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-199: A Zernike wavefront sensor to calibrate NCPA for the high-contrast mode of HARMONI (Alexis Carlotti)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-200: Specifications, Procurement and Testing of the TMT-NFIRAOS double-pyramid prisms (Olivier Lardière)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-201: Electro-Optical calibration of pupil plane modulators for pyramid WFS (Fabio Rossi)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-202: Final design of the NFIRAOS Visible Natural guide star Wavefront sensor (VNW) for the Thirty Meter Telescope (Alain Cournoyer)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-203: A low-cost, very high-order Shack-Hartmann sensor for testing TMT deformable mirrors (Mojtaba Taheri Nieh)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-233: Introducing HOPP: Heterodyne Optical Phase Probe for High Contrast Imaging (Kristina K. Davis)
  • POSTER-WAV-SEN-234: Focal plane wavefront sensing and control with a vAPP coronagraph on MagAO-X using holographic modal wavefront sensing and linear dark field control (Kelsey Miller)