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Program - Tuesday, June 11, 2019

9:00 *Keynote presentation* GMT Active and Adaptive Optics Overview Antonin Bouchez
9:40 Characterization and closed-loop laboratory testing of deformable mirrors for the MagAO-X project Kyle Van Gorkom
10:00 First Light and Early Science with the LINC-NIRVANA MCAO system on LBT Thomas Herbst
10:20 Bringing SOUL on sky Enrico Pinna
10:40 Coffee break
11:10 Overview of focal plane wavefront sensors to correct for the Low Wind Effect on SCExAO/SUBARU Sebastien Vievard
11:30 Building an RTC for ELT Scale AO Systems: Lessons learnt building a prototype RTC using standard computing hardware Matthew Townson
11:50 Elephants, goldfishes and SOUL: a dissertation on forgetfulness and control systems Guido Agapito
12:10 Herzberg Extensible Adaptive Real-time Toolkit (HEART) Software Architecture Dan Kerley
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Raman scattering of laser guide-star photons: from forgotten nuisance to observatory asset Frédéric Vogt
14:20 CaNaPy: Demonstrator for LGS-AO technologies at visible wavelengths with pyramid WFS, pulsed laser and uplink beam correction Domenico Bonaccini Calia
14:40 Demonstration of VECSELs as viable alternatives for 589 nm sodium beacons Olivia Byrd
15:00 Report on the results of the Photometry and Spectroscopy analysis of the uplink Laser Guide Star beam with the 10.4m Gran Telescopio CANARIAS Gianluca Lombardi
15:20 Laser Workshop recap Céline d'Orgeville
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 Special offer: A new WaveFront Sensor for just Pi/2 euros ! Olivier Fauvarque
16:20 Focal plane tip-tilt sensing for improved single-mode fiber coupling using a 3D printed microlens-ring Philipp Hottinger
16:40 Maximum Likelihood Phasing of Large Segmented Mirrors under Turbulence with a Pyramid Ronald Holzlöhner
17:00 Forward with self-adaptive optical gain modal compensation: comparative simulations with various PWFS-class sensors Vincent Deo
17:20 On-sky demonstration of focal-plane wavefront sensing with the vector Apodizing Phase Plate coronagraphic PSFs on SCExAO Steven Bos
17:40 Real-time estimation of NCPA and exoplanet detection in the face of wavefront measurement error in extreme-AO coronagraphs Alexander Rodack
18:00 Poster session

Poster session


  • POSTER-DIST-002: PEPITO: atmospheric Profiling from short-Exposure focal Plane Images in seeing-limiTed mOde (Olivier Beltramo-Martin)
  • POSTER-DIST-003: Enhanced atmospheric water content forecast to support infrared scientific programs at VLT and E-ELT (Alessio Turchi)
  • POSTER-DIST-005: Site characterisation at Mount Stromlo with a single-detector stereo-SCIDAR: status update (Visa Korkiakoski)
  • POSTER-DIST-006: How to deal with Mis-Registrations on ELT with Pyramid WFS? (Cedric Heritier)
  • POSTER-DIST-007: Optical turbulence forecasting and comparisons with daytime and nighttime measurements (Christophe Giordano)
  • POSTER-DIST-008: Image Quality Error Budgets for the Giant Magellan Telescope (Breann Sitarski)
  • POSTER-DIST-009: Performance Estimates for the Giant Magellan Telescope via Statistical Analysis (Breann Sitarski)
  • POSTER-DIST-010: Optimising AO systems using turbulence forecasts (James Osborn)
  • POSTER-DIST-011: CATS : a new autonomous station for atmospheric turbulence characterization (Aziz Ziad)
  • POSTER-DIST-012: Astronomical site monitoring: current status and ideas for the future (Miska Le Louarn)
  • POSTER-DIST-013: Vibration correction for the Adaptive Optics Systems at the ESO VLT/VLTI (Pierre Haguenauer)
  • POSTER-DIST-014: New on-sky results from FASS monitor and its applicability to dome seeing estimation (Andres Guesalaga)
  • POSTER-DIST-016: Asymmetry in Adaptive Optics PSFs (Alex Madurowicz)
  • POSTER-DIST-017: Real time turbulence profiling using Bayesian inference (Jonatan Lehtonen)
  • POSTER-DIST-018: Non-Common Path Aberrations correction for the GTC Adaptive Optics system: calibration and compensation of static aberrations (Iciar Montilla)
  • POSTER-DIST-019: Monitoring daytime and nighttime optical turbulence profiles with the PML instrument (Eric Aristidi)


  • POSTER-LAS-069: Sodium Recoil at Starfire Optical Range (Keith Wyman)
  • POSTER-LAS-072: Enhanced Laser Traffic Control System Operation Mode (Angel Otarola)
  • POSTER-LAS-073: Dual Laser Guide Star Facility Integration and Commissioning at Mount Stromlo Observatory (Celine D'Orgeville)
  • POSTER-LAS-074: Uplink Wavefront Corrector System: On-sky performance validation (Noelia Martinez)
  • POSTER-LAS-075: Reviving ALTAIR LGS mode with the Toptica laser upgrade (Laure Catala)
  • POSTER-LAS-076: Laser Guide Star Facility for LTAO and GLAO at Subaru Telescope (Etsuko Mieda)
  • POSTER-LAS-077: CW lidar technique for the ELT (Joschua Hellemeier)
  • POSTER-LAS-078: Preliminary Design of the Laser Guide Star Facility for the Gran Telescopio Canarias (Marcos Reyes Garcia-Talavera)


  • POSTER-PATH-094: GeMS 2.0: are we there yet? (Eduardo Marin)
  • POSTER-PATH-095: The AOF in operation (Johann Kolb)
  • POSTER-PATH-096: Experiments to recover the uplink and downlink atmospherically induced tip-tilt from the laser guide star (Domenico Bonaccini Calia)
  • POSTER-PATH-097: Optical Design of GIRMOS, an Adaptive Optics-fed Integral-Field Spectrograph for the Gemini Telescope (Tristan Chabot)
  • POSTER-PATH-098: CANARY: An on-sky instrument development test bench open to the community (Tim Morris)
  • POSTER-PATH-099: New NIR spectro-polarimetric modes for the SCExAO instrument (Julien Lozi)
  • POSTER-PATH-100: ULTIMATE-START: LTAO Experiment at Subaru (Yoshito Ono)
  • POSTER-PATH-101: Wide-field ground-layer performance with `imaka at the University of Hawaii 2.2-meter telescope (Mark Chun)
  • POSTER-PATH-102: Clear 2019 ' more observations of the sun with MCAO... (Dirk Schmidt)
  • POSTER-PATH-103: Modeling the lenslet array spectra of TMT-IRIS integral field spectrograph (Arun Surya)
  • POSTER-PATH-105: AO-assisted fiber-fed spectroscopy on ELTs: the alternative path proposed by NIRPS at La Silla (Nicolas Blind)
  • POSTER-PATH-106: Progress update on the MOSAIC, the ELT multi-object spectrograph (David Le Mignat)
  • POSTER-PATH-107: Results from Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Exoplanet Direct Imaging (Alex B. Walter)
  • POSTER-PATH-108: Assembly, Partial Integration and Tests Philosophy at INO of several components for the Science Path, Calibration, NGS and LGS sub-systems of NFIRAOS, the TMT AO Facility (Olivier Martin)
  • POSTER-PATH-109: K-mirror prototype for MICADO SCAO module (Simone Thijs)


  • POSTER-WAV-REC-155: Feasibility of standard and novel solvers in atmospheric tomography for the ELT (Bernadett Stadler)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-156: The Keck near-infrared pyramid wavefront sensor: wavefront controller design and performance (Sylvain Cetre)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-157: Adaptive Optics with a pyramid wavefront sensor in the visible versus near-infrared (Iuliia Shatokhina)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-158: A New SCAO Control Concept Based on Mechanical Mirror Modes for METIS (Philip Lucas Neureuther)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-159: Active minimization of non-common path aberrations using a self-coherent camera for imaging exoplanetary systems (Garima Singh)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-160: Atmospheric tomography with pyramid wavefront sensors (Stefan Raffetseder)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-162: Model-based wavefront reconstruction tested on the LOOPS bench (Victoria Hutterer)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-163: Adaptive Optics Hard and Soft Real-Time Computing Developments at ESO (Marcos Suárez Valles)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-164: A Phasing testbed for the Giant Magellan Telescope (Tony Travouillon)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-165: Matrix-free real-time wave-front reconstruction with pyramid sensors (Carlos Correia)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-166: The impact of different wavefront predictors on SPHERE AO performance (Maaike van Kooten)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-167: Zonal Multi-Layer Predictive Control for Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics (Jesse Cranney)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-168: Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Real Time Considerations for Predictive Control (Jesse Cranney)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-169: METIS AO RTC Prototype (Martin Kulas)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-170: Wavefront Sensor Response for Mirror Phasing under Turbulence (Aglae Kellerer)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-172: Acefast': CPU based RTC solution for AO systems control (Bruno Martin)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-173: A prototype architecture for ELT-scale MCAO and LTAO based on many core CPU technologies (David Jenkins)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-174: Performance of the optimal grouping method for atmospheric layer compression (Günter Auzinger)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-175: Reducing bandwidth error by predicting wavefronts using long short-term memory network (Xuewen Liu)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-176: Inverse problems and deep learning in predictive control for adaptive optics (Jalo Nousiainen)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-178: The upgrades of the NIRC2 Science Instrument for High Contrast Imaging (Sam Ragland)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-179: Imaging habitable planets in optical/NIR with large ground-based telescopes: WFS/C challenges, opportunities and R&D activities (Olivier Guyon)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-180: Subaru AO188 New Real Time System (Christophe Clergeon)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-181: Demonstrating predictive wavefront control at Keck II (Rebecca Jensen-Clem)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-182: Adaptive gain control for adaptive optics closed loop (Michael Flanagan)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-183: Wavefront phase reconstruction with artificial neural networks for Solar observations (Francisco Javier de Cos Juez)
  • POSTER-WAV-REC-184: The Minuscule Extremely Large Telescope (MELT) for Wavefront Control, Phasing, and Telescope Control validation - Design and First Results (Thomas Pfrommer)